Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Direct Current Circuits Relfection

We have just finished a unit on electricity and cirtuits. We learned about DC circuits, or direct current circuits. These circuits always have a battery, wires, and and a resistor (usually a lightbulb). They can also have a voltmeter, ammeter, different types of resistors, many batteries, and many other things to make the circuit interesting. In the diagrams below, I have examples of three types of direct current circuits: a series circuit, a parallel circuit, and a complex circuit (a combination of both).

This is an example of a series circuit.
This is an example of a parallel circuit.

This is an example of a complex circuit

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  1. The class assignment was not just to post examples of circuits but to give detailed explanations on how the different circuits work. You can go back to the wiki to read what was expected.
    Please pay attention to your spelling: "relfection" and "cirtuits".
    Be sure that you understand how the circuits work as it is an important part of the final exam.