Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ice Hockey and Physics!

Ice Hockey has a lot of physics involved! Hockey has lots of momentum involved. If you want to learn about hockey, ohysics, and the relation between them look at the glogster and GoAnimate!!

Click HERE to see glogster!

Click HERE to see GoAnimate!


  1. Good job! A few things:
    - Please give your posting a title.
    - Remove the picture with the beer ad on the ring wall. It is not appropriate for a school project!
    - Attributions need to be image specific. Flickr Storm is not an attribution, it is just a search engine. You have to go back, find each image and write the attribution as we've done it all year!

  2. I really like how nice your glogster looked! But in the introduction to it on your blog there were a couple of grammar mistakes. Like Mrs. Gende said, check your attributions and make them the direct links that your got your image from. Other than that GREAT JOB! It looks nice (: