Monday, February 1, 2010


How do snowboarders move so smoothly?
This is a glog that shows how forces and mtion cause snowboards and snowboarders to glide over the snow. It explains the friction and forces at work, and how they apply to the snowboarder. Snowbaords and the snow creatwe little friction, and this exlains how and why.
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  1. Hi there,

    Your glogster on snow boarding was great. You definately demonstrated a clear understanding of frictional forces, gravitational forces, and kinetic motion in general. There really isn't anything wrong with your analysis of the snowboarding, but maybe put in a diagram to give a clearer picture to the audience. If you really wanted to make your glogster even better, include the centripetal forces during turning. Overall, a great analysis of the physics involved in snowboarding.

    HKIS - Allen Zhang

  2. Your glogster shows a good understanding of your knowledge about frictional forces, but it would be better if you would discuss the friction and free-body diagrams with inclined plane, as this is how most snowboarding slopes are.

  3. Please add a brief introduction to your project on your blog posting.
    I agree with Ben that snowboarding usually happens on hilly slopes so an explanation of the forces on an inclined plane will be a great addition to your project.

  4. It is hard to read the title of your posting in a blue background. Perhaps you could change it to a contrasting color.

  5. Sorry, forgot to say that you have four spelling mistakes on the introduction. Please copy it into Word and fix them!

  6. Hi,

    Your glogster is informative and clear on the forces of Snow Boarding. The FBD of the components of gravity was great and you showed understanding of component forces. Good Job!